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  • misleading advertisement1 votes

  • 1 day ago
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Grove City, Ohio
  • 155

Just use honey and cinnamon mixed together in tea. Cheaper and it works. Read more

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  • 2 days ago
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Madison, Mississippi
  • Cancellation Policy
  • 321

I asked to speak with someone with better English and less of an accent. The caller began to speak to me as if I did not understand English. I told him I understood English but not with his accent. Again he began to notify me of my next order. I asked to speak with someone with less of an accent. He proceeded to give me the customer service phone number and I explained that I did not have... Read more

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  • Dec 15
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Plymouth, Massachusetts
  • Health Supplements
  • 644

I decided to try the Omega XL product and consequently bought the product. Unfortunately when they kept sending me the product and billing my credit card it was much more than I wanted or needed. I called Omega and told them to stop sending the product and they agreed. They even called back and left a message on my phone machine saying they would stop sending the product and post a refund... Read more

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  • Dec 09
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Omegaxl
  • 1893

Thanks to everyone that shared their reviews. I fell asleep last night in pain and woke up this morning to the OmegaXl scam on tv. Imagine how many elderly folks they rip off this way. Read more

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  • Nov 28
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Brooklyn, New York
  • Omega Xl Pills
  • 2611

they took out over a thousand dollars out of my account and its like ***. i just looked at my account and they are constantly taking more and more money out of my account so ladies and gentlemen the best way to stop this is to cancel the automatic omega xl on yur bank account> -.-terrible service if ive known this before i wud of never called and order> dont get me wrong the pill works... Read more

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  • Nov 24
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Omegaxl
  • 5443

Thanks folk who submitted a complaint about Omega XL. I just watched the commercial that had Larry King in it so I was thinking umm all natural and wondering the price. I'd plan to take The Omega XL and also introduce this product to my husband who is a diabetic feet problems and me having high blood pressure we both have constant aches threw out our bodies. Relief here it is with Omega XL.... Read more

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  • Nov 22
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Omega Xl Pills
  • 2564

When a company makes a product that really works, that company has no problem canceling orders and giving refunds because it knows only a small percent of customers will cancel/return. Of course, a working product will sell by word of mouth so that company will not need hundreds of infomercials. From the reviews posted, it appears that OmegaXL advertisements are purposefully false and... Read more

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  • Nov 17
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Omega Xl Order
  • 3623

I ordered the Omega XL at 1:00am. I changed my mind in the morning after reading a bunch of bad complaints about the product not working. I called customer service at 9 o'clock in the morning when it opened. Not only was I put on hold for 18 minutes... I was told that I will have to receive the product in 3 to 5 days in order to send it back for a refund as it is too late that the orders ship out... Read more

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  • Nov 07
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Richmond, California
  • Omegaxl
  • 2
  • 2
  • 3561

HELlo I am a diabetic I heard good things bout OmegaXL so I Purchased it I've been taking it for 6 days now n my Blood sugar has been real high Outta the ordinary 200+ it wasn't like that before!! Imma cancel n ask for a refund !! I'm seeing no good Results !!## Read more

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  • Nov 05
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Houston, Texas
  • Charge
  • 418

Never worked for me & they are still taking money from my bank account, and they have been told not to take any more money from my account. Read more

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